Pro / Contra

The time has finally come for a semester ticket with solidarity model! We are very happy because the semester ticket offers cheaper use of public transport for all TU Berlin students. The semester ticket can be used throughout Germany, which is a great advantage over the old Berlin-ABC ticket. In addition, the solidarity model and the social fund make it possible for financially disadvantaged students to receive a subsidy for the semester ticket 
In spite of all the pros of the new ticket, we unfortunately also have some significant criticisms of the VBB’s offer. The price stability of the semester ticket is currently not planned. The ticket will cost €29.40 per month for the summer semester, which is 60% of the price of the “Deutschland-Ticket”. If the price of the “Deutschland-Ticket” rises, the price of the semester ticket will also rise. In addition, the VBB categorically rejects free bicycle transport in the ABC area, which was possible with our old semester ticket. An exemption from the semester ticket for students who are entitled to the “Sozialticket Berlin AB” for €9 has so far been ruled out by the VBB. This means that these students have significantly higher mobility costs.
The ticket is still too expensive. In contrast to other groups, students have a significantly lower benefit from the D-Ticket despite a 40% discount on the ticket. The Germany-wide semester ticket is primarily intended to make a profit for transport companies and not to support students. The federal and state governments themselves said in Annex 1 of the Conference of Transport Ministers: “All scenarios without a nationwide solidarity model are significantly below the status quo revenue and significantly below the revenue of a nationwide solidarity model for €29.40”.