Frequently Asked Questitons

The ‘Special Survey’ is provided for by the Berlin Higher Education Act to determine whether students of a university want to participate in the Semester Ticket or not. Alternatively, a referendum can be conducted, but this would have higher organizational hurdles.

Besides a majority of participants, at least 10% of all eligible students must vote in favor.

All students enrolled at TU Berlin are generally eligible to vote. However, students enrolled at two universities can only vote at the university where they exercise their voting rights.

It depends on the legal interpretation. We see the necessity of the vote in principle, as the contents of the ticket change significantly. In particular, we have also suspended the Semester Ticket last time. As long as signing a contract is not fundamentally illegal, students should regularly decide directly whether they want the ticket or not.

Free bicycle transport is eliminated. Exemption reasons are also limited. Previously, part-time students could apply for exemption. This is very ambiguously formulated in the current contract draft, and we must see how it can be implemented as stated in the contract. According to VBB’s interpretation, doctoral students are also excluded. They previously had a choice. This is not stated in the contract. However, the scope of the Germany Ticket is added, meaning you should be able to travel on public transport throughout Germany. However, if the scope of the Germany Ticket changes, this could affect the Semester Ticket.

VBB currently plans to offer the ticket only as an e-ticket via the Campus Ride app. We have data protection concerns and also how to ensure that students without a smartphone capable of running the app can access their ticket. So far, VBB has not accommodated this, although we continue to pressure for a solution that can be possible for everyone.